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Our philosophy

In the modern revival of ancient and genuine flavors of the past, with particular attention to the quality of our products is the most important element that characterizes our kitchen.

The Villa Esedra team


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Our Pizze


Pizze Rosse and Pizze Bianche

Our pizza chefs prepare with passion and mastery of excellent quality pizzas.

The Pizzas  menu is very rich and varied between the traditional  pizzas with tomato, like the Margherita, the Marinara, the Four Seasons, the Ham and Mushrooms or traditional white pizzas like Snow White, the Mushrooms, the Vegetarian, Spring and many others . The menu includes the most original pizzas and processed, both with tomato and white, ideal to satisfy with rich notes of taste and flavor even the most discerning palates.

All have in common natural ingredients of first choice.